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  • 国际威廉希尔app手机版 百年威廉希尔app手机版International Taier<br>Centennial Taier


    International Taier
    Centennial Taier
  • Leading the industry technology<br>Promoting the industry development


    Leading the industry technology
    Promoting the industry development
  • Achieving the customers value<br>Achieving the employees value<br>Achieving the investment value<br>Achieving the social value


    Achieving the customers value
    Achieving the employees value
    Achieving the investment value
    Achieving the social value
  • Diligent management<br>Excellence pursuit


    Diligent management
    Excellence pursuit
  • 3 Concepts system

    Corporate Development Concept

    Explain the value proposition TAIER Group has to follow, the culture characteristics

    TAIER Group shall have

  • Competition concept

    constantly surpass the competitors
  • Cooperation concept

    opening and sharing
  • Organization concept

    simple and clear rigorous and efficient
  • Operation concept

    scientific and human-oriented
  • macro

    Function Management Concept

    Explain the value proposition or operation proposition functions

    have to follow

  • Strategic concept

    scientific decision-making
    enhanced landing
  • Management & control concept

    standardized and efficient
    control risk
  • Brand concept

    world brand
    global trust
  • Investment concept

    integration of production and finance
    cooperation and win-win
  • Talent concept

    good judgment
  • Financial concept

    legal regulation
    high-quality operation
  • R&D concept

    leading and drive industry technology advancement
  • Production concept:

    lean management
    intelligent manufacturing
  • Quality concept

    quality assurance
    continuous improvement
  • Service concept

    discover demand
    create value
  • Safety Concept

    safety first
    regulation first
  • Meeting Concept

    focus on the goal
    efficient meeting
  • Marketing concept

    guide customer needs
    realize customer value
  • moderate

    Employee Growth Concept

    Explain the value proposition TAIER employee have to follow,

    the culture characteristics TAIER employee shall have

  • Responsibility concept

    courage to take responsibility
    create value
  • Learning concept

    diligent in learning and understanding
  • Execution concept

    quick response resolute
  • micro
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